Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Use a Proxy to Change Internet Location

Web sites can use your ip address to determine your internet location and your location in the real world. They use geolocation to treat visitors from different places differently. For example, Google typically redirects users to the local version of their site, and modifies search results to try to provide more geographically relevant search results (see this in action).

Use a proxy to see what different visitors in different places see. For instance, if you visit you will see where's machines believe you are located. Also, does this (as other sites do too). You can change your internet location, without physically moving or connecting to the internet differently. This is useful to test what a website will look like to visitors outside of your own country. To change your internet location, do this:

  1. go to a proxy web site, like
  2. put the URL you want to view through a proxy, like "", into the text box
  3. hit the button to access the URL though the proxy, in proxify's case, the "Proxify" button

You'll see that, or any other site you visit through, sees you as coming from the UK, even if you are not in fact in the UK.

Sites are sometimes blocked by proxies, and proxies are sometimes blocked by sites, so you may need to use another proxy site.

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