Thursday, August 7, 2008

Epic Fail: Hulu's Capacity (or Lack Thereof)

As long as Hulu fails to invest in the infrastructure to serve a television show with out skips or buffer under runs on a Thursday night, they will always live in the shadow of sites like YouTube.


haykinson said...

Hi. I'm a software engineer at Hulu, working on advertising technologies. I saw your post and wanted to help troubleshoot the problem for you. I'm sorry that you're running into problems -- buffering and skipping often indicates one of about a half dozen problems which can be fixed. Please drop me an email at ilya.haykinson [at] and we can try a few steps to get your connection to work without buffering.

You should also ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements at, and in your email include the information from


-ilya haykinson

Aaron said...

I've been watching Hulu since March, and I have only had it skip once. That's about on par with similar problems I've had from YouTube... So unless you're involved in the infrastructure, I wouldn't say anything too harsh. You're not paying for it, anyway.

David August said...

Excellent point Aaron. I love Hulu, and I was only emphasizing that reliability will be necessary for mainstream adoption.