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Dark Rose

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Orange Flower

Friday, June 7, 2013

Technology and Privacy

Interesting how many people who use phones and computers regularly to connect to other people and share information, are surprised that doing so may connect and share information with law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Everything about phones and computers is designed to send and store information, from the casings all the way to the chips inside. Any attempt to keep them from sending or storing things is against their fundamental purpose. Regardless of whether they should be private or not, making them secure or private is always an uphill battle going against their reason to exist. Nor is snooping in our private stuff new; for as long as there has been postal mail, people have steamed open letters, read them, and resealed them. So now you know. And to our friends at the [choose your acronym law enforcement or intelligence agency] who have just started following my posts: hope I can entertain you and you're having a nice day in the surveillance van/listening post. #LongestSetUpEverForANotVeryFunnyBit #PrivacyIsStillAThingWeShouldHave

The Temptress' Chest: Isle of the Amazons copyrighted

My pilot "The Temptress' Chest: Isle of the Amazons" is official #PirateStoryCannotBePirated #TemptressChest #tv #script #screenplay

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Validate Open Graph Code for Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Using these two validators will allow you to have a fairly good idea if sharing is going to be made more pretty on both Faceboook and Twitter: