Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Social Media is a Conversation

An example of how social media is a conversation, even for companies, is how JetBlue uses Twitter to interact with customers and the public. Their tweets range from the expected weather delay updates, tech travel tips and general announcements but the key is they reply to comments and respond to complaints in a genuine, honest way. JetBlue is speaking with, not to, their customers.

While the JetBlue Twitter account may not be maintained by a single person, they are doing a lot of things right whether it's a team or a person:

  • listening and responding to people
  • posting selectively and not too frequently or becoming noise
  • being honest, even when it's not self serving in the short term

This airline is having a conversation with their audience; you don't have to be in the internet or entertainment industries to use social media well.

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