Saturday, July 12, 2008

iPhones Matter for Online Video

If you aren't supporting the iPhone in your Social Media and Online Video projects, you might want to start (my emphasis added):

  • 67% of US iPhone users are male (compared to 48% of all mobile subs)
  • 55% of iPhone owners are under 35 (compared to 34% of all mobile subs)
  • 63% of iPhone users earn above $75k (compared to 38% of all mobile subscribers)
    24% of iPhone owners are Hispanic
  • 9.7% of streaming video users and 4.9% of mobile internet users own an iPhone

(from Nielsen Mobile).

Even before the release of the 3G model yesterday, almost a tenth of streaming video users owned an iPhone. They likely also blog and otherwise share things, like videos, online. Research suggests that of those male under 35 iPhone owners:

  • 35-39% create material online themselves
  • 39-46% critique online content

Neglecting them means missing out on a lot of audience, feedback and word of mouth.

In addition to other benefits, putting your videos on YouTube, and maybe also allowing them to be downloaded in iPhone/iPod friendly formats, makes sure these iPhone owning people in the audience can see your videos wherever and whenever they want.

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