Monday, July 14, 2008

Online Picture Editing

If you're away from your computer, using an online picture editor to resize, crop or otherwise do light image editing can save you having to find, install and use a graphics program on an unfamiliar computer. This can be especially useful if you are using another online tool that makes image files. For example, if you make a flowchart online, you can save it, and then use an online picture editor to make additional changes (like make a title, notes, etc.).

If you're using a public computer, like in a library, computer lab or internet cafe, email your files to yourself when you're done. Then delete the local copies of your images off of the public machine. It makes no difference what kind of computer you are use to connect to the internet, since many of these tools work the same in most browsers and on most computers (though it might need to be a relatively modern computer and browser to use some online tools).

Here is a list of image editors that show promise:

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