Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ad: Land Ho (crash)

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Let's say you are in a building and it collapses, because it was built incorrectly, or poorly maintained, or a super-villain knocked it over. You might need a Personal Injury Attorney Miami because people may not want to pay for your healing (especially super-villains who also stole the "in" from this sentence). Or even more perilous, what if you scrimped and saved and eventually went on the cruise of your dreams, only to have the captain try to impress someone on the coast and run the ship aground and then say he fell into a life boat leaving you and your fellow passages to fend for yourselves in a sinking ship on the high seas? While the odds of such a thing happening, again, may be slim, but if you die from it, or maybe just get hurt from it, I'm guessing that captain may not be quick to pay for the doctors and therapists to make you whole again, so you may need a Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Miami because you never know when a super-villain may steal another "in" or something.

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