Friday, October 10, 2008

Explode Your Content Online - Portable Logins

If you want to give a unique experience to your visitors across many different sites and offline experiences, you cannot build a closed portal style anything. People no longer seek a single place outside their control to experience all of their digital lives.

Their digital lives are a seamless part of their lives in a broader sense. People at parties take pictures and share them online in seconds. Video can be broadcast live from phones to the web live. It can be watched live from anywhere at anytime.

Audience expects to watch, read and listen to what they want and where they want at any time on any device. Lengthy registration or unportable log-in credentials result in lower sign-ups, block emotional connection and in the end, cause product irrelevance. Registration systems must be flexible like Facebook Connect or OpenID to allow for agile online, offline and hybrid systems. Building closed, un-integrate-able and un-mash-up able things is to build irrelevant things: unused, and therefore useless, things.

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