Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hike to Nazi Mountain Hideout in LA

Update December 8, 2013: Did some more research on the abandoned nazi compound in Los Angeles and took another trip there.

Hiked to the old nazi hideout in the mountains of LA with some friends. In Rustic Canyon, it has also been known as Murphy Ranch, named for a possibly fictitious widow who first bought it.

In the 1930s a couple built the mountain compound from which they planned to emerge after Europe fell to the nazis and seize control of the US (which they imagined would have fallen into chaos). After Pearl Harbor the FBI is said to have hauled away the nazi sympathizers, and after later briefly being an artists colony, it has been abandoned.

The $4 million spent to build it in the 1930s may be equal to more than $60 million in 2011 money. Good setting for a movie and there's more exploration to do. Some pictures are below.

view of the Pacific from the trail (click to enlarge):
Ocean view

panorama of stable on the first floor of the barn (click to enlarge):

panorama of loft on the second floor of the barn (click to enlarge):
panorama of barn second floor

panorama outside of generator building (click to enlarge):
panorama outside the generator building

panorama of inside of generator building, dark (click to enlarge):
panorama of inside of nazi hideout generator building

panorama of inside of generator building, light (click to enlarge):
panorama of interior of nazi hideout generator building

panorama on the roof of the generator building (click to enlarge):
nazi generator building roof panorama

the gate of the compound (click to enlarge):
gate of compound

view toward the Pacific from near the gate (click to enlarge):
view from near the Gate toward the Pacific Ocean

view of the ocean again from the trail (click to enlarge):
Pacific ocean view from Sullivan Fire Road


dc said...

Hi David,

How does one get to the ranch? Been looking online, but can't find great directions. Would love to check it out--your photos are amazing!


David August said...

Thank you. It is a little complicated, I can tell you specifically in another forum (like facebook messages).

dc said...

Thanks! I requested to be your friend on Facebook, but feel free to simply send me a message if you aren't comfortable friending people you don't know in person. :)