Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ad: Working Problems

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Maybe it was a dangling participle in the employee manual, or a split infinitive on a break room bulletin board, but you may need Workers Compensation Lawyer Torrance if the grammar or usage at work is gumming you up. But seriously, sometimes bad things happen at work, and there is no reason for the employee to be left holding the bag alone. We can work for decades, trying to provide for ourselves, and our families, and sometimes the plans for the future fall though. There isn't always anything that can be done to prevent that. However, if like me you're looking forward to using your social security to buy a single movie ticket in your golden years, and if someone or something threatens that, and you happen to living in Long Beach, maybe you can contact a Social Security Attorney Long Beach and overlook the missing preposition in their ad that I'm writing right now.

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