Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DRM Has Problems

Yyesterday within a major media corporation there was discussion about iTunes removing Digital Rights Management (DRM) from their entire library. Upon learning that users will have to pay to upgrade tracks they'd already downloaded to DRM-free tracks, one employee said that is terrible, that is also why I don't buy.

Even those who work for the media companies agree with the sentiment that music or movies with DRM leads audience to break the law, and leaves audience to decide if they want to pay for that privilege:

text of comic: Thinking of buying from or iTunes? Remember, if you pirate something, it's yours for life. You can take it anywhere and it will always work. But if you buy DRM-locked media, and you ever switch operating systems or new technology comes along, your collection could be lost. And if you try to keep it, you'll be a criminal (DMCA 1201). So remember: if you want a collection you can count on, pirate it. Hey, you'll be a criminal either way. (if you don't like this, demand DRM-free files)

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