Saturday, November 5, 2005

Adcandy: Public Service Slogan Contest-May 2005

A slogan competition that mentioned my work:
The Are they Kidding? Awards:
In my opinion, fun is what makes advertising successful. - Ad Legend Leo Bogart.
These slogans are not presented critically. I actually am not sure if the they are intended to be jokes or not. (I have my inklings....)
"All Scripture, All the Time"
American Bible Association (David Lawrence)
I actually think this slogan would be good for one of the Christian broadcast networks. David Lawrence is a great example of what Leo Bogart was talking about when he spoke about having fun when creating advertising. Sure, you don't know whether Lawrence is kidding or not, but it doesn't matter, it still works. There is an irreverent eye-wink in many of Mr. Lawrence's entries, making him both a pain in the butt and an advertising natural. Here's a wink back to you, Mr. Lawrence.
Another slogan of mine it mentions:
"Waging Green."
Greenpeace (David Lawrence)

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