Thursday, March 8, 2012

Business Model for New Media

The discussion of business models to provide for sustainability is not particularly new for new media. However, some patterns have emerged (yet there is no one solution to the challenge. Dilettante Douchebag sums things up like this:

  1. Make something with your resources as they exist now. Start off small, even if it's one five minute episode.
  2. Put it out on any distribution channel you have available to you. Your website, social media, YouTube, or one of the thousand independent film streaming services.
  3. Determine how it was received and how you can better capture you audience's love next time.
  4. Repeat one through four for a bit before moving on to step 5. If you have enough content, you may now repackage it into a pilot, a feature, whatever your heart desires.
  5. If you cannot develop a fan base, start over on step one with a new product. Or quit and become an organic mushroom farmer in Carnation. If you have developed a fan base, move on to step 7.
  6. Give the fans an opportunity to show their love for your product based on what you have already done. You may use Kickstarter if you would like. If they show the love, move on to step 8.
  7. Create more of what your fans love, except better. Because of your fan’s support you will have a larger budget.
  8. Repeat step 7.
  9. Create a new product that will appeal to your existing fan base and bring them along for the journey. Start at step 1.

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Susyn said...

Interesting. I had to take a double-take on the title. This is a possible distribution, not business, model.

Unfortunately, there is not a bonafide business model for web shows yet. I think web creators get frustrated when they see shows like The Guild on the Web, believe they can do it, then they do not see results and become disillusioned. Each web property is different, looking at multiple viewpoints is very helpful, as is joining an organization like IAWTV. In the end, it is a case by case situation. However, web creators must create a niche, as there is too much saturation in the mainstream, and keep their audience top of mind before writing one word.