Thursday, June 26, 2008

Facebook Status on Twitter

If you have many social networking profiles, you have many different places you can update your status message. Consolidation of status messages let's you put your status where you want to in the way you want to put it there, and then lets others access it how and where they want.

Having your Facebook status automatically update Twitter can mean updating one less site manually, and that means more time for other things. Read how to have your Facebook status automatically update your Twitter status on Basically you do this:

The only downside I can see is a delay in the update to Twitter.

The consolidation of any number of social networking account statuses should be possible if:

  • the primary account you want to update manually has a status feed (likely in RSS)
  • you can figure out how to change the contents of the primary feed (e.g., using a site like Yahoo Pipes)
  • the statuses you want to update automatically can be modified programatically, either on the site (like Facebook's ability to import a feed's posts as notes), or with a third party site (like TwitterFeed)

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