Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unreal Real Location

This quote is based on a real place and I did not make up any of the places, things there or words:

"So right in the middle of a petrological argument about the cryptocrystalline nature of chert mined by the Chumash, feral pigs come over the rise in the direction of Devils Peak. We hesistate for a moment trying to decide if we start running toward Smugglers Cove or Painted Cave or simply retreat to Xaxas, when my friend suggests we hide out in the old Cold War communication station until the pigs move on to Rancho del Norte on the isthmus. I was about to suggest we head to the old prison colony but then the pigs turned toward one of the 3 airstrips on the island and we were safe again."

I kind of want to be in stories that happen in this place. Or buy it.

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