Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Election Year Bigotry

So many online seem to genuinely not understand how any decent person could not be on their side of politics, no matter which side they themselves are on. This is bigotry, make no mistake, bigotry. It is as destructive as all other forms of bigotry. It is the biggest obstacle we as a nation face.

We are all Americans, and smart, good people disagree with you. You may be smart and good intentioned, they may be smart and good intentioned, and you may disagree fundamentally just the same. That is exactly how it should be so please open your mind to the reality of living with people who don't share your exact beliefs.

Or admit your bigotry by starting all comments on politics like "I can't believe the race is this close" or "how can he believe what he just said" with the phrase "I'm an ignorant bigot who would rather bicker than do anything good for anyone on earth ever, but..." and then continue your meaningless diatribe.

Then I could at least respect your candor, honesty and self-awareness while I cringe at your closed-minded destructive us-them thinking while I'm feeling utterly alone in thinking that our federated republic, the Great American Experiment, may not be perfect, but it is so far the best way for humans to organize together for advancement of our individual and collective goals.

And what ever the case, while I may find such bigotry wasteful, senseless, short sighted and not even in anyone's self interest, I fervently defend your right to say it, and cherish that my countrymen and women have such varied beliefs and ideas. E pluribus unum, out of many one.

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