Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worldwide Film Set

I have the hope to at some point, for some project, have people in various places, like different international locales and LA, shoot the same scene, with the reverse being the other place. Cutting it together without the audience knowing the 2 singles are shot on different continents. An international production without airfare or hotels to budget. Don't have a project in mind yet, but I like the idea of doing it.

I already have leads on locations in LA that can double for places far away (like Australia). I'm thinking other units in other places may also be able to find locations that can double for LA. That way 2 scenes, one set here in LA and another set elsewhere, can be shot with both actors in both scenes on camera, but actually never leaving their respective towns. Perhaps a "You go take care of this in LA." "ok I will" scene followed by a "you didn't take care of it, so I flew here to do it myself" "I'm sorry" scene.

It all works because video conference coordination, even from set on location, and sending footage/assets with the internet is doable.

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