Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ad: Name Your Job

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Job titles can be tricky. Sometimes they are purely descriptive, but sometimes they are more about status than they are about what someone does. Sometimes companies try to give a fancy title instead of pay more. But sometimes they would work perfectly, if only your parents had given you another name. Like Car Accident Lawyer Savannah would work if your name were Savannah, but if it isn't, then I guess you'd be out of luck if that were your favorite title to have. But in actuality that title is taken by some lawyers in Georgia that work with people who have been in car accidents. It's amazing, we take cars for granted, spend a small fortune on them and sometimes they hurt people...or at least seem to be involved. Sometimes it is not only unfair that someone got hurt, but it is unjust for them to have to pay all the bills to recover and live their life, especially if it ought to be someone else who takes responsibility. True whether it is a car or truck, and if it is the later, you may want to contact (even if her name isn't Savannah) Truck accident lawyer savannah.

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