Friday, March 2, 2012

Ad: Shot in the Face

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Generally, shooting someone in the face is considered rude, at many instances actually insulting. I know what you're thinking, that some people have deserved such harsh treatment through their foolish action or sometimes just the inability to enjoy a nice bit of interior decoration. But, dear reader, remember that not everyone is blessed with such an astute sense of design or good manners as you may have been. Nonetheless, if you, or someone you know, has gone and shot someone in the face I suggest both that you stay clear of them (unless it was you) and perhaps direct the shooter to a Criminal Lawyer Hartford so they may start the healing process, and by healing process in the context I mean prison fatigues and court dates. Unless the face-shooter gets bail, then it is more of a don't-leave-town-or-we'll-hunt-you-down scenario and no change in wardrobe...yet. All joking aside (not really), shooting people is rarely a good idea, in fact I think it is best left to the professionals, like soldiers and police and if you, or someone you know has taken up the homicide tinged pastime, get a Criminal Defense Attorney Hartford and perhaps a few prepositions to sort things out.

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