Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lyrids Meteor Shower

Lyrid Meteor Shower in 2007
It peaks tonight (April 21 into April 22). They rise in the East and have about 5 to 20 meteors an hour, if it is not too cloudy. The best viewing is probably the hour before dawn (6:14am dawn in Los Angeles). When the moon rises at tonight it may make seeing falling stars harder once it is up (the moon rises at 11:53pm in LA tonight).


Anonymous said...

This is really cool David! Great to see you have a blog up as well. I generally use for my poetry/art/photography but have the Blogger blog too. (among others for my book and authors' interviews I started with)
I actually "discovered" your blog by the "Hotel Soap" tweet, lol. Did you take this photo? It is fantastic!! :)) ~April

David August said...

Thank you. I did not take the meteor show picture on this post, the photo credit is in the lower right when you click on it for the bigger version. I like the feel of your blog. I'm gonna go read some poems now.