Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Connection Can't Be Detached

We are all faced with clients that want to know ROI, that don't "get it" and I know that when I'm looking to educate these types of clients, every piece of data and every quote that supports my point of view comes in handy. So, here are the pieces I think will help me, and hopefully you in future decks and meetings:
  • Simply put, digital brand experiences create customers.
  • Our findings lead us to believe that marketers need to be dramatic...and not simply settle for awareness or impressions: engagement = affinity

(from she dorks out). Off the cuff, by the way, and without fully thinking it through I'll say this: "engagement" is often another word for connecting with an audience, and "affinity" is a way to keep at arms length the idea of people liking you (or your brand). In both cases they seem to be accepted ways to gloss the audience's desire for human connection, and intimacy. While I understand the corporate reluctance to embrace things like intimacy, moving people emotionally can't really be done from a distance. Someone must take that risk, and if companies aren't willing to, perhaps they just choose to hire someone who will and hope it will still work.

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