Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sitemap Ping Submission

When your sitemap is updated, these are the URLs to ping the search engines (replace [your sitemap web address] with your URL):
Google[your sitemap web address]
Yahoo[your sitemap web address]
MSN Live Search[your sitemap web address]
Ask[your sitemap web address]
moreover[your sitemap web address]
According to the sitemaps protocol, the URL to submit a sitemap to a search engine is supposed to be:


but many search engines don't seem to actually accept ping submissions this way.


Dragonfly Services said...

Thanks for the info, help me figure out how to write script that updates the sitemaps automatically as my site changes.

David August said...

Your site seems to be running an Apache server with PHP installed; one can have the server generate the xml sitemap when requested with real-time modification dates/times on such a set up. Specific solutions depend on whether or not your site uses some sort of content management system (CMS), or is simply static files. If you'd like me to assist in your specific configuration, contact me directly. If you have more general questions that would be relevant to other people too, comment here.

Dragonfly Services said...

Thanks David, the site actually has a lot of dynamic content, so that's what I use the scripts for.

saeid said...

Thank you for this post , yhis is very usefull , thanks again.

Admiyn said...

I think Google, yahoo and bing are the most important search engines which someone should submit a sitemap, of course, but what is the top 100 search engines around the world?

David August said...

Well, top is subjective, and those big 3 are the main ones by many fold in terms of traffic; maybe 80% of organic search traffic for all sites. I don't think there are 100 that accept sitemap pinging. What do you seek such a list for?

Scriptster said...

A correction to the Yahoo Ping URL: you actually need to use *your own* Application ID, not just "appid=YahooDemo"
Otherwise it's just a dummy ping. The link to get your own App ID is on their sitemap ping page:


John said...

thanks this was a great help

Anonymous said...