Monday, July 2, 2012

Live Stream July 3rd (in 8 hours or so)

Doing a live video stream July 3 with prizes!

July 3rd at 1 AM Los Angeles Time
(6 PM Sydney, 3 PM Perth, 4 AM New York, 3 AM Chicago, 9 AM London)

It's to celebrate 127 Seconds being in the Improvised Film Festival (screens July 4th at 6 PM in Sydney).
Previously it won first place in the February Flappers Funny Film Festival in Burbank, CA.

Tanner L. Richards, who co-created Extreme Golf with me, will also be there.
You can talk with us during the stream on Facebook and Twitter.

(Prize details: I'll try to award a prize or 2, likely for answering trivia questions. Prizes may include one of obsolete technology to learn an obsolete language; kick it old school and impress your friends [might not impress anyone]. A prize for non-US viewer will likely be signed promo cards because international postage is painful.)

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