Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ad: Bloody Basin

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Arizona, purple mountains majesty, deserts, cacti and some nice people. Actually, as an adult most of the time I've spent in Arizona was at the airport. But somewhere in that state there is a street called "Bloody Basin" which is probably great around Halloween, but may have gotten its name from something that would require a Criminal Defense Attorney Scottsdale, assuming it is somewhere near Scottsdale. I'm not sure, and not curious enough to look it up. Could be the name was chosen as a kind of caution, a warning to keep ne'er-do-wells away, and may be very peaceful. Or it was named before Arizona was a state, and maybe there was no law enforcement. Or it was Halloween and the name stuck. If you crash your car on "Bloody Basin" and hire a DUI Attorney Scottsdale (again assuming the road is near Scottsdale, and discounting the awkward grammar), I wonder if they'd use "your honor, my client was distracted by the awesome name of the street on the street sign" as a defense. I imagine that while the judge may be amused, it likely wouldn't be a great tactic.
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