Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ad: Drinking and Driving is Dumb

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I've written about this before...and if you drink and drive you possibly are doing nothing good for the world. But if you're caught, you still deserve a DUI Attorney Scottsdale, if you're in that area, because everyone needs a defense; it's the basis for the adversarial form of our justice system. The people you hurt or could have hurt are represented by the State's lawyer, and you're represented by your lawyer and between those 2 adversities the judge and/or jury figures out what is a just result based on the facts and truths they can distill from the opposing sides' arguments. It seems pretty fair, and has worked pretty well so far. Mainly no one has come up with something that works much better. This is true for all criminal proceedings, not just people who got behind the wheel after drinking. You can get a Criminal Defense Attorney Scottsdale for all the other things you either did wrong, or someone says you did wrong but didn't.

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